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Ceramic artist, born in Vologda, Russia. He began to study ceramics in 2015 under his teacher Vladimir Kholshagin. The works are made with focus on conceptual minimalism. He pays great attention to form, combining both improvised and classical lines. He works with natural clay, engobe (colored clay) and glass glazes because, to him, this combination allows him to highlight the special features of each. The radical, visual changes the materials undergo at each stage is one of the aspects of his work that fascinates him. Ivan sees his work with the material and the study of ceramics as a personal journey to the practice of mindfulness. The artist aims to intensify the role of clay, and the emotions arising in the process of making, in order to capture its essence. His intention is to express the physicality of working with clay as a subjective experience. To Ivan, the medium of clay is not a mere tool in the hands of the artist, but an equal reason for the existence of an object. Objects and sculptures are in the collection of the Art Museum in Cherepovets, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad. In 2019, a personal exhibition "Inner Self" was held at the Pragmata Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. He currently lives in Vologda and continues to experiment with ceramics in his workshop. 

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