*More coming in Fall


You choose how many hours you want.

Price: $50 an hour plus the cost of a bag of clay (which is $22.)
*Group rates below 

Course Outline

One on one means private lessons: Here at Urban mud we are offering one on one instruction for both hand building and wheel throwing. We have 4 teachers who have specialties in either or both of these disciplines. Sarah Ramirez Wheel throwing instructor: Sarah is available for evenings and weekends. Please email her for instruction for these times. At Paloma Jimenez hand building is available at various times please contact her at Hillit Wahlberg wheel throwing is available during the week and during the day.  Jeff Wenzel hand building and wheel throwing is available at various times, please contact him at ONE ON ONE CAN ALSO MEAN: TWO ON ONE AND THREE ON ONE.

We can streamline your class to whatever you want to get accomplished. One on one instruction costs $50. An hour Two on one instruction costs $85. An hour Three on one instruction costs $120. An hour We suggest at lease 2 to 3 sessions and each session be at least 2 to 3 hours each. With either the wheel throwing or hand building you will get to produce at least 1 or 2 pieces and come back to trim and or embellish your pieces. 3rd time you will be able to glaze your pieces. If you want the instruction to be on going you just have to ask your instructor, and if you want to become a member we can make sure you will be prepared to be independent in the studio.

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Get in touch with us to enroll in Handbuilding or One on One Throwing classes. Spots are limited, so get in touch today! 

 Please call Mary at 720-271-9601 to set up a class