*More coming in Fall


You choose how many hours you want.

Price: $50 an hour plus the cost of a bag of clay (which is $22.)
*Group rates below 

Course Outline

We have a new way for people who want to become members of Urban Mud but would like to get some kind of instruction first. To feel confident on the wheel or learning about hand-building and other parts of the ceramic process. Such as how glazes, stains, slips, wax resist work. We now will offer either one on one or two on one, very personal introductory sessions for people who have done some ceramic work before, but need a refresher course. We at Urban Mud are always looking for people who are interested in learning, expanding, their knowledge of the ceramic processes. We encourage people to take chances, explore new and different ways to create, either on the wheel or in hand-building, or a combination of both. We have an extensive collection of glazes, stains, slips for your use. 5 wheels, a slab roller, many tables to spend out to create your projects. For one on one personal instruction the cost is $50. An hour. For 2 on one instruction is $75. An hour. And for 3 on one instruction it is $100. An hour. And it is wise to do a minimum of 2 hours at a time or 3 hours is optimum. Also it is also good to at least set it up for 2 or 3 times to get the full instruction from building or throwing to bisque firing to glazing to last firing.

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Get in touch with us to enroll in Handbuilding or One on One Throwing classes. Spots are limited, so get in touch today! 

 Please call Mary at 720-271-9601 to set up a class