Fundamentals of Handbuilding to Make Both Functional and Sculptural Pieces

Wednesdays from 6-9 PM

$325 plus clay for 6 classes

UPDATE: This class is full. Please get in touch to learn about future availability.

Course Outline

Week 1:  Introduction & Coil Building

Week 2: Learn different styles of bases, surfacing and carving techniques, & intro to slab building

Week 3: Complete slab projects & intro to pinch building

Week 4: Create figurative sculptures, learn detail work & how to hollow out sculptures, & color with slips

Week 5: Complete remaining pieces & learn how to prep bisqueware for glazing

Week 6: Learn about glazing & underglazing, glaze final pieces, & learn kiln etiquette


You choose how many hours you want.

$30 an hour plus the cost of a bag of clay (which is $22.)

Course Outline

If you have been having a hard time getting into wheel throwing classes we have a new way for you to get into the studio and learn the wheel. I have asked if any of our members would like to teach wheel throwing and many said yes.

What you get: One-on-one total emersion hands-on instruction.

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 Please call Mary at 720-271-9601 to set up a class