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Wheel throwing lessons

You choose how many hours you want.

Cost: $50. An hour for 1 on 1, $75. An hour for 2 on 1 and $120. For 3 on 1.

Course Outline

At Urban Mud we have devised a short program for students of all abilities to get a taste or reacquainted with the pottery wheel. We suggest that you take a series of 2 to 3 or more classes at 2 to 3 hours each class. Just to begin to get a feel and an understanding of the process of throwing. Our teachers will guide you along the way by providing intensive instruction. Generally the first class is all about getting used to the wheel, and learning how to center your clay. This step depending on your abilities can be accomplished in a couple of classes or it might take several. The second and third classes you might be able to learn how to trim you pieces, and continue to practice centering and making a cylinder. Third or forth class can be for timing and glazing.

 If you are interested in a one-off date night kind of class, we can arrange for that too. This can include wine and a 2 hour session with Sarah Ramirez. She will provide clay and center the clay for you. Then you will be able to get your hands on the clay and perhaps even make a cup or bowl. Then she will bisque (fire) your work and then glaze it for you. Then you’ll set up a time for you to come get your work. The cost for this is $185. For the evening.

Sign Up For Classes Today

Get in touch with us to enroll in Handbuilding or One on One Throwing classes. Spots are limited, so get in touch today! 

 Please call Mary at 720-271-9601 to set up a class