Instruction for all skill levels

All packages include 3 lessons lasting 2 hours each with our friendly ceramic experts. Materials and supplies included. Learn the whole process from working with wet clay to glazing your finished piece!

  • 1-on-1 Lessons

    Perfect for the beginner, or novice who is looking for helpful tips and tricks with private instruction time.


  • 2-on-1 Lessons

    Make it a pottery date night!

    Bring your partner or your bestie for a super fun and unique experience.


  • 3-on-1 Lessons

    Bring your roommates, your coworkers, your friends visiting from out of town; a perfect group activity!


What You Will learn

In your initial class, we'll help you become comfortable with the pottery wheel and emphasize the fundamental skill of clay centering. Depending on your progress, mastering this step may take a few sessions or a bit longer.

As you advance into the second and third classes, you'll delve deeper into pottery techniques, including trimming your pieces and refining your ability to craft cylinders. These foundational skills set the stage for your creative exploration.

In the third or fourth class, you'll have the chance to explore timing and glazing, adding depth and artistic flair to your pottery creations. Our structured program ensures that you receive comprehensive support at every stage.

Join us at Urban Mud to embark on your pottery journey, whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast looking to enhance your skills. Discover the joy of pottery in our welcoming and instructive studio environment.

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